3DESIGN: отзывы

3DESIGN: отзывы

Отзывы наших клиентов о 3DESIGN

JI look for several qualities in software: speed, comfort, power, powerful modules (particularly the realistic rendering module). These qualities are essential for completing my orders. 3DESIGN is my work tool and I am not disappointed.
Several reasons pushed me towards new software but my objective was to improve quality, design time ad to create ranges more easily and quickly. And I am not disappointed.

Yolaine Romeuf - DMR Prototypage - France

3DESIGN is really easy to use. The ray tracing and the rendering module are good quality and the parametric technology is absolutely essential for any designer investing in software.

Yaret Catak - Bijoutier - Turquie

3DESIGN CAD allows me to get close to the perfection thatr evety jeweler wants to achieve. Good visualisation of my design and precision while I work on my model. This allows me to modify my designs until I get my desired result and to save precious time.
The tools provided by 3DESIGN are excellent, all helping me to achieve very high quality designs. It is very satisfying!
This technology has elevated a generation to a new promising future. It's great, I am pleased to have this software, to experiment and to improve my future prospects.

Roni Cohavi - Cohavi Jewellery - Australia

I have been working with 3DESIGN for 10 years. At the time and it is still true today, what made us choose this 3D jewelry design software was the possibility of returning to the part's construction parameters, even years later. By working with 3DESIGN, we have been able to achieve different creation thus expanding our field of creation. Our creation are also of the highest quality: level of detail, weight control, etc.

Patricia AMESTOY - www.amestoy.fr